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RFID Update, February 2005
Date Published:  February 2005
Download File:  rfid-update-2005-02-21.pdf
File Format:  Adobe Acrobat

Overview:  Reports on latest developments in RFID infrastructure and middleware. Also includes perspectives on the spectrum of RFID radio types and the latest issues in security, authentication, privacy and trust. Updates our latest client activities and events in which we will be participating throughout 2005.

Security, Authentication, Privacy and Trust
Presented at:  RFID Developers Conference on November 9-10, 2004
Date Published:  November 2004
Download File:  rfid-devcon-2004-11-10.pdf
File Format:  Adobe Acrobat

Overview: On November 10, 2004, Chris Meisl presented a session at the RFID Developers Conference in San Mateo, CA. The session, titled "Security, Authentication, Privacy and Trust" covered the technology and policy issues required for providing secure RFID implementation without compromising personal privacy.

RFID Update, November 2004
Date Published:  November 2004
Download File:  rfid-update-2004-11-01.pdf
File Format:  Adobe Acrobat

Overview:  Update of Big Chief Partners recent activities, and a summary of recent RFID conferences that we helped put together: RFID Developer's Conference in San Mateo, the Global Supply Chain RFID/GTIN Conference in Toronto, and the FrontLine Solutions Conference in Chicago. (Newsletter also includes a substantial discount coupon for attending the RFID Developer's Conference.)

RFID Networks and Middleware
Presented at:  Frontline Expo on September 13-15, 2004
Date Published:  September 2004

Overview: Peter Winer moderated two panel discussions at Frontline Expo on September 13 and 14, 2004. The RFID Networks panel has representatives from GlobeRanger, ConnecTerra, Oat Systems and Blue Vector Systems. The RFID Middleware and Web Services panel has representatives from BEA Systems, webMethods and Sun Microsystems.

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RFID Update, August 2004
Date Published:  August 2004
Download File:  rfid-update-2004-08-20.pdf
File Format:  Adobe Acrobat

Overview:  Update of Big Chief Partners recent activities and our latest insight on RFID Infrastructure: Networks, Middleware and Applications. The newsletter also offers details for our two upcoming panel discussions at the Frontline Expo conference in Chicago on September 13 - 15.

Tracking the Explosive Growth of RFID
Presented at:  MIT Club of Northern California on May 11, 2004
Date Published:  May 2004
Download File:  mit-cnc-2004-05-10.pdf
File Format:  Adobe Acrobat

Overview: On Tuesday May 11, 2004, Peter Winer moderated a panel discussion at the MIT Club of Northern California in Palo Alto. This PDF provides the presentation slides for the talk, titled "Tracking the Explosive Growth of RFID". The panelists for this discussion included representatives from Savi Technology, Blue Vector Systems, The Mayfield Fund and Oracle.

RFID Update, May 2004
Date Published:  May 2004
Download File:  rfid-update-2004-05-04.pdf
File Format:  Adobe Acrobat

Overview:  Update of Big Chief Partners recent activities and our latest insights on developing RFID technology, issues and standards. This newsletter tracks the latest RFID Middleware and exposes controversial new efforts to use RFID in passports and other identity documents. Also, we provide our view of the emerging standards efforts related to automatic identification including RFID.

Middleware Requirements for Supply Chain Integration
Presented at:  RFID World on April 22, 2004
Date Published:  Apr 2004
Download File:  rfid-world-2004-04-22.pdf
File Format:  Adobe Acrobat

Overview:  The critical return on investment for RFID tagging will come from intelligent use of captured data. Companies must be able to capture clean data they can use. This will be accomplished with a new kind of software called RFID middleware. Such software manages the flow of data between tag readers and enterprise applications and is responsible for the quality, and therefore usability, of the information. This panel session, moderated by Peter Winer defined the scope of RFID middleware and described the key players in this growing space.

RFID: 101 to Warp Speed
Presented at:  Council on Logistics Management on April 22, 2004
Date Published:  Apr 2004
Download File:  clm-2004-04-22.pdf
File Format:  Adobe Acrobat

Overview:  Libraries, schools, the government and private sector businesses are adopting radio frequency identification tags, or RFIDs — a technology that pinpoints the physical location of whatever item the tags are embedded in. While this may seem like a convenient way to track items, it's also a convenient way to do something less benign: track people and their activities through their belongings. This presentation offered a high level view of the technology, applications and privacy concerns surrounding the deployment of RFID.

Infrastructure Issues for RFID and GTIN Deployment
Presented at:  Global Supply Chain RFID Conference on April 14, 2004
Date Published:  Apr 2004
Download File:  gtin-2004-04-14.pdf
File Format:  Adobe Acrobat

Overview:  This year many organizations are moving from evaluating the business case for RFID and GTIN to starting plans for full scale deployment. Groups planning deployment face a wide array of choices including competing standards, emerging applications and product offerings from startups and established vendors. Making the wrong choices can increase costs, create delays and force adoption of technologies that may not remain compatible long enough to deliver adequate return on investment. This presentation offered an overview of this complex landscape and described some of the most important issues in RFID and GTIN supply chain deployments.

RFID Update, February 2004
Date Published:  Feb 2004
Download File:  rfid-update-2004-02-19.pdf
File Format:  Adobe Acrobat

Overview: This document provides an update on recent activities, and includes the article "RFID is Going Mainstream" written by Peter Winer for Renoir Partners, a leading management consultancy firm based in London, UK.

RFID Update, October 2003
Date Published:  October 2003
Download File:  rfid-update-2003-09-30.pdf
File Format:  Adobe Acrobat

Overview: According to research from Accenture and other leading consulting firms, over 50% of the cost of deploying RFID is consumed by systems integration and custom software development.  Many RFID experts believe infrastructure software or "middleware" is the key to reducing these costs and to fostering broader RFID adoption.  This document provides a summary of a panel discussion "Middleware for Enabling RFID Solutions" moderated by Peter Winer of Big Chief Partners.  This document contains a review of the panel discussion, as well as an analysis of our latest thinking on middleware in this space.

RFID Update, May 2003
Date Published:  May 2003
Download File:  rfid-update-2003-05-22.pdf
File Format:  Adobe Acrobat

Overview: This document provides an overview of recent activities, developments and observations related to automatic identification. An update on our activities with Philips Semiconductors is provided. Other major topics include conclusions from the RFID World conference, analysis of Auto ID Center software and a review of notable companies developing batteries for active RFID tags.

Security and Authentication Technologies
Date Published:  May 2003
Download File:  rfid-world-2003-05-13.pdf
File Format:  Adobe Acrobat

Overview: This presentation (from the RFID World conference in Fort Lauderdale, FL) includes a summary of currently available solutions for providing security and authentication in RFID-enabled solutions. Emerging technologies are also discussed. In addition, two case studies illustrate the need for security and authentication in automatic identification solutions.

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